Carefully Crafted Copy

I create copy for your website that will entice and engage your visitors, helping convert them into paying customers.
I write for medium to large businesses and as a ghostwriter for busy agencies.

Get to know me, this is my story

I’ve taken a slightly unconventional route into not only writing but freelancing as well.

I started as a web developer after landing my first job as a web assistant in the year 2000. Prior to this, I had put my Bachelor of Science degree to good use (that’s sarcasm, by the way) in sales assistant and admin roles. So, there I was, someone who had been self-teaching themselves how to code, but really I didn’t have a clue and bluffed my way around until I started to know what I was doing. It was a huge learning curve.

Things did work out, and I progressed to web developer for five years before I departed for a new company. Following this, I changed jobs several times until I landed my last web developer role. It was in that job that I experienced redundancy for the first time. This is where things got interesting, and I mean, by the seat of my pants interesting.

Unable to find a new job before my last day, I went with my backup freelancing plan. Freelancing is also a steep learning curve and very different to being a 9-5 employee. Let’s just say if you want to avoid the stress of being unable to pay your bills, you need to learn how to freelance quickly and have a big fat buffer in the bank.

Freelancing thankfully fell into place, and things were okay, albeit incredibly busy. However, I ended up taking a hiatus due to personal circumstances and found myself not wanting to go back to web development. Seizing the opportunity, I transformed myself into a freelance writer, and my new journey had begun.

Caipax Digital was born. And if you’re thinking it’s a strange name, then I agree. I named my business after my cats – Cassie, Paris, and Max because cats are, let’s face it, the internet. Sadly, all three cats have now passed.

I have dipped my writing fingers into all sorts of projects, from web pages to blogging, brochure writing, and technical document writing. My core focus these days is blogging and web content, but I also consider other projects.

If you have a writing project you want to discuss, let’s have a chat and see how I can help you.

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